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Manual Seamless: Enter ERP number during export

Standard case when using an ERP integration in PARTsolutions is adding an ERP number triggered from PARTdataManager via ERP toolbar and command Add dataset to link database. At the same time there is an export restriction for parts which do not have an ERP number.

Add dataset to link database

Add dataset to link database

I.e. that parts without ERP number cannot be exported to the CAD directly from the Seamless environment by default.

As of V11 SP3 it's possible to call the dialog new ident-no. in Seamless when exporting in order to create an ERP number, if not yet happened.

Hereto perform the following settings:

[Note] Note

These are not dedicated settings for Seamless, but are just mentioned at this place for the sake of completeness.

  1. Decisive is, that under plinkcommon.cfg -> block [Common] -> key APPNAMES the value Seamless is entered.


    As of V11 SP3 this should be the case by default.

  2. Under erpcustom.cfg -> block [dialogOnExport] -> key default set the value to 1.


    Also see Section 4.11.2, “ erpcustom.cfg -> Block [dialogOnExport] - Automatic generation of ERP number: Export dialog for material and other fields yes/no ”.

  3. Under erpcustom.cfg -> block [LOAD] activate the key erp_export_ts.

    ;Generate ERP on Export

    Also see Section 4.21.1, “ Load additional scripts - erpcustom.cfg -> Block [LOAD]”.

  4. Under erpcustom.cfg -> block [ADDTODB] activate the key erp_nrgenerator.

    #:HELP;default;Activation of the ERP Number Generator. 

    Also see Section 4.11.3, “ ERP Number Generator - erpcustom.cfg -> Blocks [ERP_NRGENERATOR] und [ERP_NRGENERATOR_CONDITIONS] ”.