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Manual  Automatic accuracy search

The accuracy search can be configured using the following settings:

  • DefaultSketchAccuracy: Standard accuracy of sketches

  • AccuracyUpperBound: Upper bound for accuracy search

  • AccuracyLowerBound: Lower bound for accuracy search

If the accuracy settings of the Pro/E part template differs from the accuracy of the part in PARTsolutions, it is possible that the part cannot be created in Pro/E.

Then the error message "Part could not be created" shows up.

Using the "AdjustAccuracyOnFail" setting, the geometry export can be configured in such a way that an automatic search for the appropriate accuracy settings of the part is conducted. If this setting is activated (AdjustAccuracyOnFail=1), an accuracy search is carried out if necessary. This concerns the calculation of accuracy of the sketches as well as the accuracy data of the entire part.

[Important] Important

With the activated accuracy search, the accuracy of a part may differ from the accuracy of the Pro/E part template. The actual accuracy must thus be checked manually.