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Manual  LinkDB queries

Also the connection from clients to LinkDB can be established via PARTapplicationServer.

For this in PARTadmin -> category AppServer client -> AppServer connection, select the option Catalog browsing, search and database with AppServer.


  • LinkDB SQL calls are routed to the Appserver. The query is sent to the AppServer and then from the AppServer returned to DB. The way back to the Client is optimized because data are zipped. With JDBC this was not the case. That's why the connection is faster now.

    Scripts made by consulting can still stay on the clients.


    For database connections sessions are established. These are assigned to incoming queries then. If all sessions are used the next is entered in a queue.

    A session is created by the AppServer as soon as a user is logged in. It is valid as long as the client application is running or as long as the user logs out. The maximum number of simultaneous database connections is configured on the AppServer, in the file pappserver.cfg.


    MaxConnections: Specifies the maximum number of database commands, which can be carried out simultaneously.

    MaxTransactions: A Client opens transactions if multiple database commands shall be packaged. The maximum number is specified by MaxTransactions. If all are allocated the client waits until the next is released again. Transactions are mostly used when database changes are performed.

  • Only ONE connection from PARTapplicationServer to link database. So the database connection has to be configured only at one place. This is especially interesting if ODBC is used. ODBC is recommended for the AppServer, because it is faster and more stable.

  • Central login process is on the Server. The login to the DB is omitted when PARTsolutions is launched, because only the AppServer has to be logged in. Also see Section, “Set up ERP on PARTapplicationServer ”.

    The ConnectionManager is obsolete.