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Manual  din962_global.cfg - Variants in screws and nuts (DIN 962)

DIN 962 controls how screws and nuts can be adjusted for certain use cases through additional forms and information.

In PARTdataManager -> Part view, therefor the table contains the additional columns DIN962OPT1, DIN962OPT2, DIN962OPT3 and DIN962OPT4. If the feature is disabled the respective columns are not displayed.

You can control the behavior by configuration file.

All settings are made in the block [SYSTEM].


    0: Function enabled (no button, no functionality); 1: Function disabled


    0: Button hidden (or grayed out; see BUTTON_ENABLED)

  • [Note] Note

    Using this function only makes sense if the key DISPLAY_BUTTON is set on 1 in addition.

    The button is only active if there are DIN962 columns available in the table.


    0: Button grayed out: 1: The button can be used if DISPLAY_BUTTON is set on 1.


    This setting can be used optionally.

    If BUTTON_PRESSED is set on 1 then the user settings are overridden. If not set then the user settings are read from the configuration file din962_user.cfg.