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Manual  Cleanup versions

With the help of the Cleanup versions function, old catalog versions that are no longer needed, can be removed from the index tree.

If catalogs are renewed through updates in the course of time, the existing catalog data are not deleted, but rather receive a time stamp add-on in their file attachment, which stands for the respective version of the catalog (see image below).

The higher the number, the newer the catalog status.

You can call Cleanup versions either via Commands or via the context menu of the catalog.

In the following the single functions are explained.


Keep all

No version of a catalog will be deleted. For an ERP integration with LinkDB, all versions are saved in the LinkDB (may be hidden for "normal use").

Only keep the current version

All older catalog versions will be deleted except for the newest ones

Keep number of versions

You may select for yourself how many versions you would like to keep. Should you enter "1", his will result in the same as the previous point.

Save original files of current version

If you activate this option, the index management creates "backup files" of the newest catalog version. These can then be recognized in the directory tree through the extension "original". This deems useful if you want to make changes to current parts with eCATALOGsolutions, but want to keep the latest status just for safety reasons.

Cleanup database entries

When you want to cleanup not only the project versions, but also the related entries in the Link database, then activate this option.

Installation history:

Do not delete

Only keep the current version

Delete complete installation history

Concerns e.g. PARTdataManager -> "History" tabbed page (see next figure, compare Section, “Check project changes in detail (after the installation) ”)

PARTdataManager -> "History" tabbed page

PARTdataManager -> "History" tabbed page

Save original files of current version

Backup files, Extension „original“

Cleanup database entries

If you not only want to clean up the project versions, but also the related entries in the link database, then please activate this option.