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Manual  Key "material"

Name of material to use in NX



By default, the value of the key Material(is3dpart) is acquired with a complex VBS expression.

The "TranslateStringInGlobalOptionArrayDef" function takes the string from its third parameter and attempts to look it up in the [MatMap] block. If this is successful, the mapped value is transferred to NX. The fourth parameter is the default value. If the searched material name cannot be found in the [MatMap] block, this default value is returned instead. With the default value set to be the same as the input value, the latter is transferred to NX unchanged if the MatMap lookup fails. (#41677)

[Note] Note

The untranslated name of the material is transferred; in other words it will be the same for all languages.

Valid names are normally located in C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 8.0\UGII\materials\phys_material.dat. E.g.: Sodium_Liquid, Aluminum_6061 Alternative examples:

  • Material=?_FORMAT_0("<CLASSPROP(cns,CNSPHYPROP,CNSMAT)>").value()

  • Material=Aluminum_6061 <-- direct assignment

  • Material=Steel@material.xml <-- use this to search in a local material.xml

  • Material=Steel@\\server\share\material.xml <-- use this to search in a networked material.xml

Please see also the keys listed in the [MatMap] block.