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Manual  Duplicate

The Duplicate context menu command copies the selected dataset and enables to change ERP-fields, but not geometry data.

[Note] Note

Geometry data you edit using Create variant, or Edit variant.

Mark a dataset and choose the desired options in the Duplicate line dialog.

Duplicate line

Duplicate line

  • Assign ERP number

    If this option is chosen, the Generate value sequence displays (see above at Set fields)

  • Create duplicates without assigning values (copies the fields into the link table)

  • Create duplicates with values from the source line (Values from the ERP table are only copied, if an ERP_PDM_NUMBER has been assigned).

  • Assign values

    Insert the desired values into the input fields.

    If you have to insert very long texts in the Description field for example, which have similar and often used functions, you can save time by doing the following.

    Proceed as follows:

    Add entry

    Save preferences

    Load settingsWhenever you use these settings as a basis for new entries, select .