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Manual  Update display index

Via Update display index the update of the display index begins.

The display index is needed for saving or display of the directory structure. It has to be available in order for catalogs to be displayed in PARTdataManager Other indices are optional for PARTdataManager functionality (however make sense, in order to be able to use both the Full-text search and the different geometric search methods).

As soon as you have clicked on Update display index the progress display shows up at the bottom under Index update.

Index update

Index update

[Note] Note

In contrast to Generate new display index the existing settings (for example hidden folders) remain untouched with Update display index!

Update display index is necessary, for example, if project files (*.prj) have been changed or moved in the meantime.

A missing display index is signalized by the icon .

[Note] Note

Compare context menu command Display index -> Update

Compare context menu command Display index -> Add missing directories to the display index

See context menu commands in detail.