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Manual Changed standard name

If in a project the standard name (NB) has been changed, then in the section Catalog all project lines, the project itself and the superordinated directory are marked with the orange exclamation mark . The exclamation mark overlays the respective base symbol (directory , project , line ).

Once in the directory structure a line is selected, in the section Line mapping the single variables and the table are displayed.

In the variable line NB you can see the change.

Now you have two possibilities:

Approve assignment

Revoke assignment and save changes

Then in the index tree the respective symbols or are displayed.

[Note] Note

Special case:

In the standard catalog V9 new value range fields for thread type (right-hand, left-hand thread) and bolt types have been added. Since the fields did not exist in V8.1 and these are relevant for the standard name (NB), at the concerned projects the respective symbol is displayed. Simply overtake the change via .