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Manual  "Security" tabbed page

[Note] Note

Without password no access to personal data is possible (DSGVO).

On the tabbed page Security, you can initially assign a password or change the password.

Without entering the password no changes can be carried out to the server configuration.

The password is stored in code under $CADENAS/lic/license.cfg.



Complete changes by clicking on Save.

FLM server and password protection

  • The password is only assigned when installing the license.

  • Initially, newly installed servers have no password protection, thus cannot distribute licenses to clients, because this is linked to the password assignment.

  • Only when the first license is installed (where the Master/Backup configuration is specified), the password assignment is required when saving. (Without password assignment, actually the server cannot be used for productive operation.)

  • Before that time the server is „PASSIVE“ and actually cannot be properly used by any client.

  • A cluster can be created before.

The desired workflow for the creation of a server cluster looks like this:

  • Install all FLM servers (2/3) without licenses. See Section 3.4, “FLM Server Installation - Request/install licenses ” in Installation Manual.

  • Connect from any client.

  • Extract the server's hostids via *.json-file and send them to CADENAS in order to request a license or use tabbed page Request licenses online, where the server's mac addresses are automatically read-out.

  • Once you received the license, connect to the created cluster again and install the license. Here, a password has to be mandatorily assigned. (The password assignment can also happen before when reading-out the hostids.)

    [Note] Note

    The person managing the licenses does not necessarily need admin access to the license server. For him knowing the password is sufficient - after initial assignment.