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Manual Symbols in the Line mapping section



Hide matching variables

Only lines with changes are displayed.

If the respective variable is relevant for the standard name (NB), then in the directory structure the red exclamation mark is displayed in addition.

Open part in PARTdataManager

Open project in PARTproject

Compare parts geometrically

A detailed description on this is found under Section, “ Part comparison ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual.

Search project

If no correlation to the old dataset has been found, the dataset to be assigned is possibly at another position. Via Search project you can perform a keyword search. On this see Section, “No correlation to the old dataset found”.

Approve assignment

As soon as an assignment has been approved the values in the columns ACTIVE_STATE and REQUESTED_STATE are changed accordingly. See Section, “ACTIVE_STATE and REQUESTED_STATE ”.

Revoke assignment and save changes

Use this command, if you don't want to approve an assignment, because it is incorrect or for any reason not acceptable. Thereby the assignment is revoked. In PARTlinkManager the line with the new version is deleted again.

[Note] Note

If no assignment has been performed (because the project or the line does not exist in the new version anymore), it doesn't matter, whether the command Approve assignment or Revoke assignment and save changes is used.