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Manual  Key "ShowInExcludeListButton" - PARTadmin Online-Catalog update: Show only specified catalogs

You don't want all catalogs to be displayed at a catalog update, but only certain?

Therefor specify the catalogs to be displayed in an own dialog box. This is not displayed by default.

In the following the procedure is described:

  1. Conduct the following setting in PARTadmin, in the configuration file $CADENAS_USER/partupdate.cfg:


    Default is "false". Set the value on "true".

    [Tip] Tip

    Use the Search key function.

  2. Start PARTadmin again.

    -> In the category Catalog update -> Online, on the tabbed page Welcome, now the button Whitelist / Blacklist is displayed.

  3. Click on the button Whitelist / Blacklist.

    -> The dialog box Form opens.

  4. To be sure to start with an empty form, click on Clear selection.

  5. Optionally you can use the input field Filter, in order to quickly find the desired catalogs.

  6. Choose the option Do not show selected catalogs or Show selected catalogs and activate the checkbox at the desired catalogs.

  7. Confirm your selection by clicking on Accept.

    -> The window is closed.

  8. Switch to the tabbed page Catalog update and click on Fetch Catalog List.

    -> Now only the desired catalogs are displayed.

  9. Optionally you can set the config key on "false", in order to hide the button Whitelist / Blacklist again.

[Note] Note

Entries for catalog to be shown and not to be shown are made in the block [catalog] in the keys include_catalogs and exclude_catalogs.