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4.3.2.  Adding database column with PARTlinkManager

The following describes how to add database columns using PARTlinkManager.

  1. Under File menu -> Connect log in to the database.

    [Note] Note

    The "add columns" process grabs directly onto the database.

    In other words, you must be logged in with administration rights!

    Standard Admin login for the PLINKDB:

    • User: sa

    • Password: (according to the password given during the database creation)

  2. Under PARTlinkManager -> Extras menu -> Database click on Modify/create database columns.

    -> The dialog box Change database column opens.

  3. Column name:

    Specify any name.

  4. Column type:

    In the list field, select a column type:


  5. Length:

    For text fields a character string length must be indicated.

    Default value: Optional

  6. Activate Create ERP column.

    If you want to edit the column in PARTlinkManager (meaning not only in the database itself, but also in the respective configuration files), in the window Modify column display, set a check-mark (recommended).

  7. Confirm with OK.

    -> The column has been added.

  8. Via Extras menu -> Configure ERP environment open the dialog box Configure.

    The just created column is displayed in the Modify column display window.

    In the PARTlinkManager table, the column is displayed as well.