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Manual Application-sensitive PSOL Ribbons

Up to now always all buttons have been displayed in the PARTsolutions Ribbon menu independently of context. For example, Execute Geometric Search or Insert (native part in PSOL) have been displayed, when no part is open in the session.

As of V11 SP5 PSOL Menus and Ribbons will now look differently depending on the currently active NX application, namely, when no part is loaded in session, the part-related buttons (like Execute Geometric Search ). Once a part is loaded, the full menu will become visible. This change affects all supported NX versions (8-12) and also applies to toolbars and ribbons in versions where they can be created (8-10 and 9-12, respectively).

No part loaded

No part loaded

Part loaded

Part loaded

This is facilitated by a second PSOL menu, PARTsolutionsNoPart.men file, which contains only buttons with the app flag attached to them in ifugnx.cfg file.

Both menu files will now be placed in the application NX folder. The startup NX folder will now contain a PSOL .men file as well. This file will contain a list of applications where the PSOL menus are to be shown. This list can be accessed and modified through the PrepareMenuAppList in ifugnx.cfg, directly under the other PrepareMenu keys. It is prepopulated with the following NX applications: gateway, modeling, drafting, mechatronics, route, cam, mtb, route_mech, route_elec. You don't need to remove applications from this list if you don't have the license for them, or they are not installed. In this case, the entries will simply be ignored.

[Note] Note

You need to delete the PSOL menus created in the older versions when updating to a version with this change available (11.0 SP5). Otherwise the PSOL ribbon will appear twice on the ribbon bar. This needs to be done once per installation.

The old menus are normally located in the folder pointed to by the PrepareMenuPath config key in the ifugnx.cfg (standard is %TEMP%\startup\PARTsolutions.*).

To prevent this change from breaking special PSOL menu arrangements, make sure the PrepareMenu key is set to 0 before updating. This way, the old startup-based menu structure can continue to be used.