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Manual Repair geo, topo or partial index

Use case:

If there was a crash when generating geo, topo or partial index due to a faulty part, the index won't work. Repairing means a considerable speed advantage in contrast to new creation.


  1. Repair index via script.

  2. Stop PARTapplicationServer.

  3. Copy repaired index to correct location.

  4. Restart PARTapplicationServer.

  5. Use function Manage fingerprints in order to check the number of existing fingerprints for plausibility.

  6. Test if Topology search, Geometric search (3D) or Partial search are working with the repaired index.

Exemplary script:

option explicit
dim geoUtils = CreateObject("cnstools.geoindexutils")

dim types = CreateObject("cnstools.array")
geoUtils.repairIndexes("cat/stp", "C:\PSOL\consulting-1100SP9__2019-10-31__18.45__r185218
 \data\index\cat\cat_stp", "C:\PSOL\data\stp_repaired_index", types)

Parameters of geoUtils.repairIndexes:

  1. Catalog path in index tree

  2. Path to catalog index

  3. Path where the repaired index is written to

  4. Index types to be repaired: "types" (the types "geo", "partial" and/or "topo" have to be stated under "types.add".)

[Note] Note

Repaired indexes are supposed to work in previous versions. But repairing a defective index of a version before 11 SP9 is likely not to work.