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Manual  Algorithms

The following image shows the algorithms used for the geometrical search.

The algorithms of the default templates may not be edited.

On the left, select an own search template. Now you can edit the template individually on the right.



  • 18 different algorithms are displayed.

    These are divided into 4 classes:

    • Class A: BHO, GSH, SYMA, SYMP, ROTA

      These algorithms only check certain properties, resulting in possible 100% consistency, even if the parts may look differently (for example, symmetry).

    • Class B: AREA, VOL, SIZE, EP1, EP2

      These algorithms take size into consideration. In case the parts may differ due to their size, none of these should be used. Alternatively algorithms of class B must be used since the other algorithms ignore size.

    • Class C: AD1, AD2

      Algorithms based on randomized data. (Since the calculation of 100% identical parts is not always consistent, the designation of 100% conformity is only possibly in ideal cases.)

    • Class D: CPL, FV2, FV3, FV1, FV4, FV5

      Deterministic algorithms. (Since the calculation of 100% identical parts cannot be exact, the designation of 100% conformity is only possible in ideal cases.)

  • Checkbox

    For those algorithms which are to be added for the geometrical search, activate the checkbox.

  • The description is in the column Algorithm.

  • In the Description column you will find a short description about the individual algorithms.

  • In the Weighting column, each individual algorithm is assigned a factor that influences its weighting in relation to the other algorithms.

  • Symbols

    The algorithm is used for 3D parts.

    The algorithm is dependant on size. If no symbol is displayed the algorithm is not dependant on size.

If some changes have been made (algorithms activated/deactivated or weighting changed), the index for the geometrical search is no longer up-to-date.

When clicking on OK a dialog window shows up with the following options:

Edit search templates Edit search templates

Edit search templates

  • Do not change weights = Reject changes

    When selecting Do not change weights all changes are rejected (those for activation/deactivation as well as changed weightings)

  • Keep index

    When selecting Keep index the weight is changed, however the linear index for this search template will not be adjusted.

    If the index is available it will be used, even if it is possibly not up-to-date. In order to still attain a good result, it may be useful to move the controller in the direction of Quality.

    Since the updating of the linear index is relatively quick, you should give priority to the option iRecreate index.

    (If the index is up-to-date, the results are independent of the control setting.)

  • Recreate index