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Manual Tweak settings and scripting

If you want to work with tweak settings, register your action in the configs and in the PApplicationPool. Write the name of your action into the config. In your implementation call registerAction via an instance from PApplicationPool. If you are coding with visual basic call application.commands.add(“<name of action>”). After you have registered the action, set other properties (e.g. icon path, …). The difference as compared to earlier versions tweakmenu is that you don’t register menu or toolbar in the application. Tweakmenu makes the registerToolbar and registerMenu step via your entries in the menuvisibility-config and menustructure-config. Furthermore actions from the tweakmenu have an additional property autoRegistered. If you want to check whether an action exists, now check the value of that property. If it's true, the action is registered by the tweakmenu. Otherwise the value is false and the action is registered by the application. The query whether an action exists, will always return true. The reason for this approach is that the tweakmenu registers all actions from menuvisibility-config like a prototype.