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Manual  PARTapplicationServer - Configuration Rights administration DSGVO General possibilities of data query Data query via Dashboard Data processing during login Data processing when accessing ERP database Catalog Online update Logging FLM server Tabbed page "User databases" Tabbed page "Windows" Tabbed page "ERP (plinkusers)" Tabbed page "Assign rights" Tabbed page "Rights" AppServer client: Configuration The respective keys and values of the configuration file Key combinations and values of the single GUI options Global and local specification of the settings - Privileges for Admin Caching on client side or at secondary locations AppServer Service: Configuration Tabbed page "Port configuration" Tabbed page "HTTP Authentication" SSL encryption Make certificate available via Windows certificate store Make certificate available via file Show server state Configuration file for the AppServer Server configuration Site-Setup-Sync Caching index files of $CADENAS_DATA on PARTapplicationServer LinkDB queries Updates of ERP search index Logging of LinkDB changes Manual update and initial creation of LinkDB search index