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4.13.2.  Edit variant / Create variant in PARTlinkManager

[Important] Important

Using ERP functionality, do not create variants using PARTeditor or PARTdataManager -> Edit table!

Mark dataset -> 2nd mouse key --> Edit variant

Mark dataset -> 2nd mouse key --> Create variant

The difference between creating and editing is based solely on the fact that an ERP number is assigned once during an intermediate step.

The following figures show how a variant is created.

  1. Mark the desired row in PARTlinkManager.

  2. Launch the command Create variant via the context menu.

    The dialog window with the same name opens.

  3. Activate the checkbox Assign ERP number.

    --> The button Extended is activated.

  4. Click on Extended.

    --> The window Generate value sequence opens.

  5. Enter the desired number for the variant.

  6. Confirm with OK.

  7. The window Create variant opens again.

  8. Edit the desired variable (in this example 'D')

  9. Confirm with OK.

    --> The variant shows up as a new row in PARTlinkManager.

The variant is managed with the same Line ID in the LinkDB but with a different Line sub ID.

Control the display in PARTdataManager.

The variant with a changed nominal thread diameter is displayed next to the original geometry.