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Manual  Site-Setup-Sync

If the option Site-Setup-Sync is enabled, when starting a client, there is a background check, if the sitesetup files are up-to-date and if not they will be updated. (Based on timestamp check only last changes will be transferred.)

Using Site-Setup-Sync may effect a considerable speedup for locations with bad connectivity.

To use the function, check Activate.

[Note] Note


Client has to have write access to its $CADENAS_SITESETUP.

=> Windows with "ProgramData".

=> $CADENAS_SITESETUP adjusted via start.env to be writable (e.g. $CADENAS_USER/sitesetup). There is no automatic adjustment.

=> pappclient.cfg has to be available at least, so that the server can be accessed.

  • The Sync only concerns applications which are enabled in pappclient.cfg.

  • The configuration of Site-Setup-Sync happens server-sided. (Should the server not be "enabled", then on client nothing will happen.)

    Configuration happens in pappserver.cfg:

    #:HELP;enable this module (if enabled, syncs sitesetup to calling clients on connect)
    #:HELP;mode of operation. (0=sync all allways, 1=sync only diffs)
    #:HELP;regexp that matches all hosts to NOT sync
    #:HELP;regexp that matches all hosts to sync
    #:HELP;regexp that matches all users to NOT sync
    #:HELP;regexp that matches all users to sync
    #:HELP;list of files to not sync to the client. 
    (to allow to exist on the client and not be overwritten)
    #:HELP;do you notify clients after sync? (0=no, >0 => display message for secs time)

  • Only one client will be synced at the same time in background (that they don't overwrite one another).

Setting options:

  • Exclude files from synchronization: On this tabbed page you can exclude files from sync.

  • delete additional files in folder: All supernumerary files (those which are not excluded or do not exist on the server in sitesetup) are deleted on the client.

  • encrypt configuration files:

    [Note] Note

    Only configuration files will be encrypted.

    In addition, configuration files which are transferred to the client can be encrypted. Encrypted files cannot be changed anymore in the software (are internally marked as readonly) => PARTadmin refuses changes.

    Error message when attempting to encrypt

    Error message when attempting to encrypt

    Error message when attempting to encrypt

    Error message when attempting to encrypt

    Excluding files from encryption: You can exclude files from encryption on the respective tabbed page.