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Manual Direct online linkage of the LinkDB to the ERP-DB

  • Concerning the ERP data, exclusively the article number, or ERP number of each part is entered in the LinkDB

  • The needed dataset can only be gotten from the ERP-DB by the user's request in PS

  • PARTdataCenter is required for the article number assignment during the "initial filling".

  • Advantage: Complete datasets are always imported in real time from the ERP-DB

  • Disadvantage: Can take longer with a multitude of displayed parts

  • ERPsolutions/db module is required

The following screenshot shows the example of a warehouse and/or price inquiry.

  • The display of any useful information in the PARTdataManager as an additional column is possible.

  • The direct online inquiry as linking method is the most prompt option for information retrieval and, in case of a warehouse inquiry, the most effective. The other linking methods can naturally also display the data.

  • The PARTsolutions user sees the fields important to him for decision-making.