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Manual Key "IsFastener"

Controls no section in 2d for SolidWorks.

The key references to ifacecommon.cfg, block [CreationOptions], key "NoSection". CAD spanning default settings are made here. See Section, “ Block [NoSection] ”.

For connection elements such as screws, nuts, rings, pins, etc. the cutting in the 2D view may be excluded.

In order to add more parts add a new block [NoSection] in ifsolidworks.cfg. For any changes use the same block and key in the CAD specific configuration file.

Screw without section

Screw without section

Screw with section

Screw with section

In other words: Only those parts will not be cut, ...

  1. for which the cutting during modeling had been excluded (i.e., the information is contained within the part itself)


  2. which are defined in the block [NoSection] (in ifacecommon.cfg or ifsolidworks.cfg).