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Manual General information

For an efficient use of the function under PARTdataManager -> Connection a pre-calculation file is needed. The pre-calculation has to be always processed in the course of catalog updates or if ERP assignments have been changed.

[Note] Note

The pre-calculation file is automatically updated at a catalog update.

When an ERP integration is used, then the update should be automatically processed via scripting.

The pre-calculation is saved in the file partconnection.sf [48]. It contains information on all parts, which potentially can be used for connections. These have to be classified in the Pcon classification. On this see under Section 5.13.9, “Classify threaded connections (own company standards) ” in eCATALOGsolutions Manual.

[Note] Note

As of version 9.05 the button Synchronize catalog and ERP data now is hidden by default, because a manual procedure is neither necessary nor makes sense (see above note). See Section, “partconnection.cfg ”.

In Windows you can set up a scheduled task for an automated update of the pre-calculation file.

Detailed information on this is found under Section, “Execute script”.

[48] under $CADENAS_DATA/index/