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Manual  menuvisibility_PARTProject.cfg: Action names of menus, menu items, toolbars and buttons

In this section you can find the PARTproject action names of menus and menu items, toolbars and buttons.

[Note] Note

Context menu commands cannot be controlled by "tweak" actions.


Menu name Action name
File FileMenu
Versioning system QAMenu
ERP ErpMenu
Extras ExtrasMenu
Window WindowMenu
Help HelpMenu

Tweak commands of the single menus and toolbars:

[Note] Note

Structural layout of all context menu commands happens in menustructure_PARTproject.cfg.

The visibility of commands (menu item, button, context menu command) has to be changed in the configuration file menuvisibility_PARTproject.cfg. Here, in this section you can find the respective action names (key names) for menu items and buttons. In PARTadmin -> Configuration files, simply change the values between true and false.

The same action name can be used for a menu item and a button!