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Manual Configuring PARTsolutions interface menu and toolbar

The configuration of the PARTsolutions interface menu and the interface toolbar occurs in the CAD encompassing configuration file ifacecommon.cfg or the CAD specific configuration file respectively in the block [UI].

Example Autodesk Inventor

Example Autodesk Inventor

Example SolidWorks

Example SolidWorks

  • The following entries can be used for a configuration:

    • DisplayText

    • DisplayShortText

    • Helptext

    • SmallIcon

    • LargeIcon

    • Environment

      Declaration of the context in which the menu item should be displayed.

      • menu: The command is visible in the menu.

      • part: The command is visible with single parts.

      • app (application): The command is visible even without opened parts, assemblies or drawings.

      • asm (assembly): The command is visible with assemblies.

      • draw (drawing): The command is visible with drawings.

      • toolbar: The command is visible in the toolbar.

    • Callback

      Concrete call up of menu items.

  • In order for a menu item or toolbar button to show up in the CAD system in the PARTsolutions menu/toolbar, at least the following three entries must be present:

    • DisplayText

    • Environment

    • Callback

    For mandatory entries that should occur in each used CAD system the application of these entries occurs via the configuration file ifacecommon.cfg.

  • So that, if desired, the menu of several parallel used CAD systems can be configured differently, the entries are assembled according to the following pattern:

    • In the configuration file ifacecommon.cfg you can find all entries except for Environment and Callback.

    • Environment and Callback are then listed in the CAD specific configuration file.

      The same key in the CAD specific configuration file (if<cadname>.cfg) overrides the key in the common configuration file (ifacecommon.cfg).

  • Menu structure

    • Each menu item has its numerical code.

    • Via entry "PARENT" the hierarchical structure is build.



  • Extract from ifacecommon.cfg - core menus

    All 3 required entries are displayed here together.

    MN_HelpText_199=PARTsolutions Einstellungen-Dialog aufrufen

  • Extract from ifacecommon.cfg - basic menus

    The 3 required entries are divided onto general and specific configuration files.

    MN_DisplayText_50=Einfügen 3D
    MN_HelpText_50=3D-Teil oder -Baugruppe aus einer Bibliothek einfügen

    Extract from ifsolidworks.cfg


Numerical codes and icons used in the application:

(Possibly not all functions are available or needed for your configuration)

The core menus:

  • 195 - Settings : Launch PARTsolutions settings window

  • 197 - Licenses

  • 198 - System info / Support

  • 199 - Help

  • 200 - About CADENAS PARTsolutions : Launch PARTsolutions interface information

The basic menus:

  • 50 - Insert 3D : Insert 3D part ORELSE assembly from library

  • 51 - Insert 2D : Insert 2D part ORELSE assembly from library

  • 55 - Seamless : Seamless integration

  • 60 - Replace : Replace part with other part in library

  • 70 - Load PS3 file

  • 71 - Load PS2 file

  • 72 - Execute script

  • 79 - Release License

  • 80 - Conduct Geometric Search : Conduct Geometric Search with part ORELSE assembly from current document

  • 85 - Perform analysis

The PARTconnection menu:

  • 100 - Insert Connection : Insert Connection

The nat menus:

  • 120 - Insert : Insert own part / assembly into library