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Manual  Update Full-text search index (and Geometrical search index) for finding topological values via Full-text search

Finding topological measures of length by using the Full-text search:

This enhancement becomes evident especially when searching in own part catalogs, because here characteristic values are not necessarily found in the table.

Hits from the topology are displayed in an own column Topology and are marked with yellow.

Search results with column "Topology"

Search results with column "Topology"

In order for the function to be available, please perform the following steps:

  1. In the configuration file partsol.cfg, block INDEX:LUCENE, key TopologyCatalogs, please enter the desired catalog path in the following form:



  2. Update the geometrical index (if not up-to-date).

    See Section, “Context menu commands in detail ” -> Geometrical search index -> Create/Update.

  3. In any case update the full-text search index.

    See Section, “Context menu commands in detail ” -> Create full-text search index.