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Manual  Block [AttributeMapping(is3d)]

PARTsolutions variables (geometric, NT, NN, LINA, etc.) and all fields in the link database (if an ERP connection exists) can be transferred to CoCreate Modelling or Creo Elements/Direct Modeling via attribute mapping.

Attribute mapping is controlled by the following blocks:

  • [AttributeMapping(is3d)]

  • [CadDocumentAttributes]

In the block [AttributeMapping(is3d)] you determine whether the PARTsolutions standard attributes (geometric, NT, NN, LINA, etc.) are to be exported to the CAD system and if so, in which language(s).

Under Attr_CopyFrom_01 set the desired language. The keys Attr_Content_01 and Attr_Section_01 remain unchanged.

default: The attributes are exported in English.

Assign language: The standard attributes are exported in the indicated language.

Possible values:

default, german,english, italian, french, spanish, portuguese, czech, slovak, hungarian, slovenian, dutch, danish, finnish, russian, japanese, korean, chinese, polish

[Note] Note

If there is no translation for the indicated language of the attribute, no attribute is exported (not even from the german language).

No entry: No standard attributes are exported. (In order to explicitly export specific attributes, use the other sections.