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Manual Enter ERP number with PARTlinkManager

In order to assign a new ERP number to a part with PARTlinkManagerdo the following:

  1. Click on Add row.

    -> The Add ERP number window opens.

  2. In the input area enter the desired number and confirm with OK.

    -> The number is inserted.

    [Note] Note

    Please note that in the selection list at the right, either + unused ERP numbers or All datasets is selected.

    You may also be able to enter the number in the filter field above and filter with Query.

    The above displayed dataset is composed only of an ERP_PDM_NUMBER and must still be connected to a part.

  3. Double-click on the row.

    -> The view changes into the PARTdataManager.

  4. In the PARTdataManager select any row from any project in any catalog.

    The link between this selection and the number assigned in the PARTlinkManager occurs via Send selection to Link Manager.

  5. The view jumps back to the PARTlinkManager.

    The dataset has been linked.

    In the list field on the right choose All datasets and filter them according to number.

  6. Double-click on the row again.

    You now see the new entry in the PARTdataManager.