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Manual Filtering blocks and keys

At the top of the middle dialog area you can filter the displayed configuration files, blocks, keys and key values.

Either use preconfigured filters or a full-text search:

  • Preconfigured filter

    Preconfigured filters are based on settings in the configuration file or on the SITESETUP directory:

    • All Keys (Default)

      No filter

    • Only important keys [36]

      In order to ensure basic functionality, the "important" keys have to be adjusted in any case.

      [Tip] Tip

      For more complex settings, on the right side, in the dialog area Documentation, you can find further information.

      [Tip] Tip

      It is recommended to perform these adjustments first and then possibly others.

      The filter especially affects configuration files of interfaces.

      [Note] Note

      Information for updater:

      In previous PARTsolutions versions these adjustments were performed under the category CAD integration.

    • Only changed keys (SITESETUP)

      Here, you can overview your adjustments anytime.

      Using this filter only works if the SITESETUP has been activated. On this see Section 1.7.6, “ $CADENAS_SITESETUP”.

  • Full-text search

    You can filter the display with a search term. In the input field Filter, enter the term.

    Searched are names of configuration files, blocks, keys and key values. The search term may occur at any place (at the beginning, at the end, in the middle).

    Start searching by clicking on the icon or press "Enter". When clicking on 'x' you can clear the input field.

[36] These keys are marked with the tag "SIMPLE". See Section 1.7.2, “Editing configuration files on file level ” -> #:SIMPLE;