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4.1.2. Target groups

Strategic Parts Management is functional, integrating, standardizing!

  • Functional Parts Management

    Target group: Construction/ Engineer

    - Digital parts library
    - Large content; Today 500 catalogs, standards, company´s standards, symbols, etc.
    - SmartPARTS --> Kinematic
    - Varied inquiry- and searching methods
    - Geometrical similarity search
    - Company specific parts can be administered on the same user interface.
    - Classification system
  • Integrating Parts Management

    Target Group: IT/ERP/PLM

    - Workflows:
    Existing CAD purchased parts/ components with material master and documents are removed (checked out) after selection via PARTsolutions from the EDM/PDM. New CAD purchased parts/components are generated as native (original) CAD-Geometry in PARTsolutions and checked in with the available attributes corresponding to the company´s individual workflows in ERP/PPS and/or EDM/PDM; if need be creation of a new material master in the ERP/PPS; then if need be creation of a new document master in the EDM/PDM; if need be only now transfer to the CAD system
    - Always current parts through update concept.
  • Standardizing Parts management

    Target Group: Management/ Cost reduction

    - Integration of ERP -> All information in one user interface.
    - Central initial generation of parts.
    - Export filter functions -> parts reduction
    - Supply chain management
    - Geometric search/ comparison
    - Duplicate reduction