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Manual  Catalog installation / Catalog update: Offline

[Note] Note

The process is basically the same for new installation and update. However, the Offline installation enables a detailed check for changes BEFORE the installation.

If you have the catalog cip file available, then you can use the Offline variant under PARTadmin -> category Catalog update -> Offline.

PARTadmin -> category "Catalog update" -> Offline

PARTadmin -> category "Catalog update" -> Offline

Normally this is the case in the online variant when deactivating the option Install after download. The downloaded catalog cip files then are stored in the Download directory, which you determined under Settings.

When performing an Offline installation proceed as follows:

  1. Start PARTadmin via Start -> Programs -> CADENAS -> PARTsolutions.

    • Click on the button


    • select the Category -> Catalog update -> Offline.

  2. Click Open.

    -> Then select any number of saved *.cip files in the Explorer.

    These are displayed in the dialog area Catalogs.

    [Note] Note

    For CIPs existing of one single project the installation path can be adjusted. For this, over the file, open the context menu command Change destination folder.

    Change destination folder Change destination folder

    Change destination folder

  3. Under Versions, select one of the following options.

    • Keep all

      Optionally and not absolutely required.

      You can also select “Number of versions >=2“, for example.

    • Only keep the new version

      Not recommended.

    • Number of versions [2] (default)

      Please regard that the value is set to 2 or higher.

      Especially when updating with LinkDB connection (ERP integration) this is urgently recommended.[6]

    Optionally activate Save original files of new version.

    More information can be found under Section, “ Catalog versions ”.

  4. Click on Install.

    -> The installation is running through.

    At the end of the installation "Installation finished" is displayed.

    Tabbed page "Protocol"

    Tabbed page "Protocol"

    On the tabbed page Status you can find a detailed listing of each project's status.

    Adjoining table shows the symbols' meaning.








    3D view


    First appearance


    New version


    Same version

    Tabbed page "Status"

    Tabbed page "Status"

    [Important] Important

    After finished installation you can find the same detailed information as on the tabbed page Status under PARTdataManager -> Part view -> History -> Installed catalogs. See Section, “Check project changes in detail (after the installation) ”.

Detailed information on Check and Compare can be found under Section, “ Before the catalog installation Check and Compare ”.

Alternative options for catalog installation

Alternatively to the above described offline variant, you may also do the following:

  • Online variant via PARTadmin -> Catalog update -> Online

    More details can be found under Section, “ Catalog update Online ”.

  • Installation from CD

    See Installation der Katalog- und Pool-Daten-CDs.

    [Note] Note

    The feature of the catalog check is not available when using this option.

[6] When replicating CADENAS_DATA from one to another location this setting is required.