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Manual Cache search results in working memory

Most time spent during a search is used for the reading of data from a hard drive. Therefore the search is faster if results can be cached in a working memory.

Caching is especially recommended for use with the search server.

[Note] Note

When restarting the PARTdataManager or the search server the cache is lost. Therefore, an effective caching is only possible within a search server, since this is usually only restarted in extreme cases.

[Note] Note

Beside the here described caching there is still another between the index files and the search server.

Important information on this is found under Section, “ Caching index files of $CADENAS_DATA on PARTapplicationServer ”.

In the configuration file geomsearch.cfg there are different sections for performing the caching:

  • Caching for versions up to 9.07


    [Note] Note

    The settings possibly remain relevant also for versions as of 9.08, because these can alternatively use the "old" search index.

  • Caching for versions as of 9.08


In the following the sections are explained separately: