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Manual Block [AttributeMapping(is3d)]

In the block AttributeMapping(is3d) you can define whether the PARTsolutions standard attributes are to be exported to the CAD system and if so, in which language(s).

Under Attr_CopyFrom_00 bis ...0x set the desired languages. The keys Attr_Content_00 bis ...0x and Attr_Section_00 bis 0x remain unchanged.

  • default: The attributes are exported in $CADENAS_LANGUAGE.


    In order to differentiate the parameters var_exclude and var_visible can be used.

    • var_visible=1: Only visible attributes are transferred.

    • var_exclude: All listed attributes are not transferred.


    • Attr_CopyFrom_01=default,var_exclude=A,var_visbile=1

      The variable A is explicitly set to the ignore list.

    • Attr_CopyFrom_01(isCatalog(norm))=default,var_exclude=D,var_visbile=1

      Here, the expression is only applied to the standards catalog.

  • Apply language

    Possible values are: default, german, english, italian, french, spanish, portuguese, czech, slovak, hungarian, slovenian, dutch, danish, finnish, russian, japanese, korean, chinese, polish

    The standard attributes are transferred in the set language.

    [Note] Note

    If there is no translation for an attribute in the selected language, no attribute is exported (not even from the $CADENAS_LANGUAGE language).

  • No entry: If you leave all Attr_CopyFrom fields blank, no standard attributes will be exported.

In order to explicitly transfer special attributes please use the block [CadDocumentAttributes].

Optionally, you can determine a prefix for each language via keys Attr_Prefix_0x. In this way the standard attributes can be differentiated between each other in the list of the dialog box Parameter.

Detailed information on attribute mapping can be found under Section 2.2.4, “Attribute mapping ”.

ProE: Parameter - "CNS_", "CNS_ITA" and "CNS_JP"

ProE: Parameter - "CNS_", "CNS_ITA" and "CNS_JP"