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Manual Disabling Journaling on DB2/400

[Note] Note

Only concerns DB2 databases of type AS400.

Journaling is a special property on this database and has to be enabled for tables when working in the "AutoCommit=false" mode.


  • The data source is DB2/400.

  • The Auto Commit initialization property is set to FALSE

  • The target object that you are attempting to update is an AS/400 physical file or keyed physical file residing in an AS/400 library (as opposed to a DB2/400 collection) for which journaling has not been enabled.


The following describes two ways to prevent this problem:

  • Set Auto Commit to TRUE.

    In this case INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations are automatically committed whenever they are executed. Journaling is not required.

  • Enable journaling in AS/400 for that particular table (physical file) for which you want to do an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE.

    To enable journaling, do the following:

    1. Create the journal receiver (CRTJRNRCV).

    2. Create the journal (CRTJRN) by inputting the journal receiver created in step 1.

    3. Start the journal physical file (STRJRNPF) by inputting the journal and journal receiver created in steps 1 and 2 and associating the journal to a specific SQL table (physical file).