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Manual  Key "FileName"



<GENNAME><MATERIAL(_)>: The file name contains the Standard Name (NB) and the material (if existing).

alnum(""): Only allow alphanumerical characters; all others are omitted.

Customers updating the PARTsolutions from version 8.1 to 9 please take care to get the same behavior again. In case of doubt please contact CADENAS Consulting.


The following examples may show how differentiated the file name can be build. However, we recommend to approve such complex adjustments by a consultant to avoid any side effects.

Example 1:

Take over prefixes in file name.

"<PREFIXLIST(_)>" is inserted.

For projects that contain more than one prefix, these are automatically inserted into the file name with underscore as separator (e.g. Norm9, core hole)

Declare once for part (is3dpart) and once for assembly (is3dasm).



Example 2:

Take over catalog names in the file name.

"<CATALOG>_" is prefixed to the file name.


Example 3:

<GenNAME(25)>: Restrict length of file name

alnum("_"): Only allow alphanumerical characters; all others are replaced by an underscore

ToLower(): Convert all characters into lower-case characters

MaxLen(28): The entire length of the file name is restricted to 28 characters


Example 4:

This example covers the file name creation with existing ERP-connection.

The file name is built from GENNAME (NB) and material by default.


However, you can build the file name using the ERP number. The advantage would be to get an absolutely unique file name.


Using <ATTR(any_ERP_column)> you can refer to any ERP column.


The creation via ERP number + standard name (NB) is an option as well in order to have a meaningful section in the name.