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4.14.5. Distributed Locations - LinkDB Replication

[Note] Note

As of V10 database requests can be routed via the PARTapplicationServer. In such a scenario the replication of the LinkDB is not necessary.

On this see Section 1.3.9, “PARTapplicationServer installation/configuration”. Under Section, “Overview Multi Site Installation ” you can find a diagram on multisite installations.

With distributed locations it may be useful to replicate the LinkDB. Reasons could be that the transmission time is too long, or the necessity to work independently, and the system availability.

What is to be understood by replication?

Data replication is the copying of information to one or more databases in a manner in which the data is equal in all locations. There are basically two different types of synchronisations: synchronous and asynchronous replications. With synchronous replication, the data comparison occurs nearly without any delay. With asynchronous replication, seconds, minutes and possibly even days may go by. In addition, it is important to know whether all so-called subscribers only have reading rights, or whether they are also able to change data.

The current replication tools from Microsoft and Oracle, as well as other providers, are adjustable to special requests and offer plug & play solutions, which can be used with relative little implementation complexity.

On the Microsoft and Oracle Internet pages, you can find detailed information about replication.

[Note] Note

Please also note Section 4.2.1, “Hardware requirements ”.

Data throughput per time unit and type of part significantly influence the performance.