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Manual  Key "NxOption_01"

If this key is commented in, the NS setting UnpopulatedBehavior (regarding empty TC Items) will be changed to the value the key is set to and after the save operation the original value of the setting will be restored.

Possible values:

  • NXOpen::Preferences::SessionPdm::UnpopulatedBehaviourTypeOnSave : 0 (this should be used if an error occurs on save when teamcenter is active)

  • NXOpen::Preferences::SessionPdm::UnpopulatedBehaviourTypeModifiedPrompt: 1

  • NXOpen::Preferences::SessionPdm::UnpopulatedBehaviourTypeModifiedNoPrompt: 2

  • NXOpen::Preferences::SessionPdm::UnpopulatedBehaviourTypeNever: 3

  • NXOpen::Preferences::SessionPdm::UnpopulatedBehaviourTypePreNx4: 4