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Manual  Key "PoolPath"

Description: Path where documents are stored

Output directory for created PRO-E documents. All files created (parts/assemblies) are stored in this directory and, as long as the part is opened again, loaded from there. The user should enter this path into the Pro/E search path. If Pro Intralink is active, this folder serves only to create temporary files. The documents are saved in Intralink Workspace in this case, or, depending on configuration, exported to Commonspace. For this path the user must have all rights in order to be able to create the file. Furthermore, this entry may not reference to a UNC path.

Default value: (Flat pool for standard and supplier catalogs)


[Note] Note

Adjust the search path from ProE accordingly!

Alternative setting options:

Pool with subdirectories for standard and supplier catalogs (e.g. norm9, any_catalog_name.):

If you want to create the pool directory with supplier subdirectories, then <PREFIXLIST(/)> must be set in the poolpath key for the pool path:


Detailed information about adjustment of the pool path is found under Section, “Pool: flat or with subdirectories ("poolpath" key) ”.