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Manual  "Connected servers" dialog area

In the dialog area Connected servers you can ...

  1. ... connect to an already existing FLM server


  2. ... setup a Master-Backup cluster of FLM servers. Using a backup server is always recommended, in order to be able to go on working at a failure. In backup mode this is possible up to 12 hours. Even more secure is the usage of three FLM servers. In this way it is possible to work unlimited as long as two out of three are available.

    [Note] Note

    At first you should ensure that you have a correct license file, where all three needed servers are listed.

In the following the single functions are described in detail:

In order to be able to administrate a FLM server, you have to connect to it. Without connection all tabbed pages are inactive.

Click on the button Connect....

-> The Connect to FLM server... dialog box opens.

Select one of the three following options:

  • Use server from client configuration

    That server is chosen, which is also selected under category Clients -> tabbed page General -> dialog area Floating (license already installed).

  • Configure existing license server

    All FLM license servers found in the network are listed (license already installed). Mark the desired license server.

  • Configure freshly installed license server

    New set up license servers are displayed (with PASSIVE, PASSIVE), which are not configured yet (not defined as master or backup yet). Mark the desired license server.

    Not until a license file has been installed and a password has been entered and Save has been clicked, the display changes to MASTER or BACKUP.

    More details can be found under Section, “ Configure freshly installed license server ”.

    [Note] Note

    The server type, "Master" or "Backup", is defined in the license file.

Confirm with OK.

-> The dialog box Please enter server password.

Enter a password and confirm with OK.

-> All tabbed pages are active now and you can perform settings. Details on the single tabbed pages can be found in the following sections.

The tabbed page Licenses is selected by default. If licenses have already been installed, they are displayed.

In the dialog area Connected servers, the single columns show information on Name, Type (Master | Backup | Passive), Role (Master | Backup | Passive), Status, Version and Host ID (all valid ones are stated, separated by "/", the first ID is the mac address).

The button Connect... is now inactive, the buttons Save, Disconnect, Saving configuration... and Remove server cluster active.

Connected servers

Connected servers

  • Save

    In order to overtake any changes performed on the tabbed pages or Connected servers you have to click on the button Save (not on the icon above in the main window).

    Connected servers

    Connected servers

  • Disconnect

    Via Disconnect, all connected servers are disconnected and not displayed anymore. Then you have to login with password again.

  • Saving configuration...: Save configuration in the form of a json file. Open the file in Notepad. The first entry under "Host ID" shows the server's mac address. In this way you can detect it remotely. It is required in order to create the license.

  • Remove server cluster: By clicking on Remove server cluster a warning is displayed. If you confirm with Yes, all local license files are deleted and the servers are displayed as PASSIVE again. Then you can begin to create a master-backup cluster anew.