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Manual Indexes

There are 4 indexes:

  1. Index

    This saves the directory structure. It must be available in order for the other indexes to be created and so that the catalog can be displayed in the PARTdataManager. Other indexes are optional for the functionality in the PARTdataManager.

  2. Full-text index

    This is the index for the variable search.

  3. Geometrical index

    This index is imperative for the geometrical search. It contains the "Fingerprints".

    In addition to the "Geometric Index", the "Linear Index" should also be available.

  4. Linear index

    This enables a faster search.

    The following may be reasons why the linear index is not available:

    • The catalog was migrated from V 8.1.

      In this case the V8 templates are applied to the search templates list. For these the linear index is deactivated. Anyway after a migration you can only search with V8 templates, because for the new templates the fingerprints are missing. So in this case no linear index is needed.

    • When adding a template to the Edit search templates dialog, the index was not created because Keep index was not pressed.

      Keep index

      Keep index

[Note] Note

Catalogs supplied by CADENAS contain all indexes.

[Note] Note

If the linear index is missing, then the best option is to create the geometric index anew. Thereby the linear index is also created.