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Manual  Block [PARTdataManager] - Global settings for PARTdataManager Keys "TOP_SEARCHPATH_SELECTION_..." - Search path selection: Show/hide single options Key "TOP_SHOW_REVERSE_SEARCH" Key "TOP_SHOW_PATH_SELECTION" - Show/hide search path selection list field (Search in) Key "TOP_SHOW_VIEWMODE_BUTTON" - Show/hide view mode selection (Search for) Key "TOP_SHOW_SYNONYM_BUTTON" - Show/hide button "Search for synonyms" Key "TOP_SHOW_HELP_BUTTON" - Show/hide Help button Keys "TOP_SHOW_SAVEQUERY_BUTTON" and "TOP_SHOW_LOADQUERY_BUTTON" - Search templates Key "INDEX_SHOW_SEARCH_SETTINGS" - Button "Search settings" on/off Key "INDEX_SHOW_SAVEININDEX" - Button "Save search results in favorites" on/off Key "INDEX_SHOW_SAVEINFILE" - Button "Save search results in a file" on/off Key "INDEX_SHOW_GENERATE_FILTER_ASSISTANT" - Button "Extended search filter assistant" on/off Keys "TABCONTENT_..._ENABLED" and "TABCONTENT_..._HIDE_..." - Availability and visibility of tab content Key "TABCONTENT_SEARCHRESULT_DEFAULT_REQUEST_PATH" Key "TABBAR_PLUSBUTTON_ENABLED" - Plus button on/off Keys "PARTSELECTION_SHOW_..." / "PARTSELECTION_..._AS_TAB" - Show/hide "Structure" items or move on tab Key "TOP_SEARCHPATH_SELECTION_HEADER" - Search path selection: Show/hide headers Key "INDEX_SHOW_CATALOG_FILTER" - Restrict Search results via Catalogue filter Key "INDEX_SHOW_MAPVIEW" and "INDEX_SHOW_CLUSTERMAPVIEW" - Show/hide buttons for Cloud Map and Partition Map view Key "STYLESHEETS" - Customer stylesheets for GUI elements Keys "TABBAR_ORDERABLE" and "TABBAR_ORDER" - Tabs: Allow drag & drop and tab order

The block [PARTdataManager] contains global settings for the module PARTdataManager, in particular for showing/hiding GUI elements (see Section, “ Tweak menus, menu items, toolbars, buttons and context menu commands ”).