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Manual  PARTapplicationServer Dashboard

For AppServer Administration, call the PARTapplicationServer Dashboard.

PARTadmin -> category AppServer client -> dialog area Diagnostic -> click on Show server state

[Note] Note

For this the service has to run, otherwise the command is inactive.

-> The PARTapplicationServer Dashboard is opened. (Directly after the first setup you can test the server's accessibility in this way.)

On the single tabbed pages you will receive a lot of information: Connected clients, via which modules, etc. You can check environment variables or view different server processes (Jobs), create tasks and administrate pipelines and more.

Some examples:

  • Environment: All environment variables of the server are displayed; for example CADENAS_DATA or CADENAS_LICENSE.

  • System Info: On the tabbed page System Info you can find the subcategories on AppServer services, installed file systems, installed catalogs, license information, Windows logs, Network information, OpenGL information.

  • Minidumps: Minidumps of the PARTapplicationServer

[Note] Note

If needed, have a look on server processes.

Each accessing client causes its own process on the PARTapplicationServer.