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Manual  Caching index files of $CADENAS_DATA on PARTapplicationServer

In the configuration file under $CADENAS_SETUP/filesystems.cfg it is controlled, whether a caching of CADENAS_DATA index files shall be processed:

  • Variant A: We recommend not to combine search server and $CADENAS_DATA on the same server.

    If you follow the recommendation, then please activate the index files caching, because otherwise the search server does not work efficiently. Now the cadenas_data/index directory will be replicated. Local hard disk storage has to be available accordingly.

  • Variant B: If search server and $CADENAS_DATA are on the same server, the caching is not necessary.

Setting options:

[Tip] Tip

Filtering with "CACHEFS" will immediately find the desired setting option.

  • Activation

    USECACHEFS=1 (default = 0 = off)

    Select 1, if in PARTadmin, you have either chosen the option Catalog browsing, search and database with AppServer or Catalog browsing and search with AppServer or Search with AppServer and PARTapplicationServer and $CADENAS_DATA are not on the same server.

  • Declaration of the caching directory


    => Thus the cache index is stored under "C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\cache_index". If this is not wanted, then any other path can be adjusted.

  • Interval, wherein it is checked for changes.

    Adjust SYNCCHECKSECONDS if needed

[Note] Note

Turn off Windows File Caching

Due to PARTapplicationServer's own caching an additional Windows File Caching is not necessary.[66] It can possibly slow down the search on the server significantly.

[Note] Note

A diagram for distinction of different caching methods can be found under Section 4.5.4, “Caching methods for data storage and operation ”.

[66] Could possibly be checked with the Process Monitor.