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Manual  Adjust conditions for number generation

The following figure shows the default setting.

The ERP_NRGENERATOR key, defines the generator names with the special generating pattern. You can attach as many variables as needed.



  • etc.

The EPR_NRGENERATOR_CONDITIONS key defines the related catalog, directory and project path for every generator.


The following table shows the syntax for the entry of the generating pattern and explains the meaning of the individual values.

Separators between individual values are colons.

In the standard environment two generating patterns (GENERATOR_1 and GENERATOR_2) are defined.

Example value for GENERATOR_1: STD:0:0:5:-std:GEN1

Example value for GENERATOR_2: CAT:0:100:5:-cat:GEN1

Key name Prefix Minimum Maximum Place number Postfix Counter name


STD 0 0 5 -std GEN1


CAT 0 100 5 -cat GEN1

  • Key name

    The name can be chosen as desired.

    Please note that when specifying the path in the ERP_NRGENERATOR_CONDITIONS key, exactly this value is referenced to.

  • Prefix

    Any text specification

  • Minimum

    Numerical value

    Shows the starting value

    Per default the starting value is set to 00000.

  • Maximum

    Numerical value

    Shows maximum limit for the number generation

    0 means that there is no limit.

    100 means that counting ends at 100.

  • Place number

    Numerical value

    For an example value of '5', the '0' is shown as '00000'; the number '101', for example, as '00101'.

    The following figure shows an example of a counter as seen for "Minimum", "Maximum" and "Counter name".

  • Postfix

    Any text specification

  • Counter name

    Name in order to differentiate between counters in the database table

    Any entry

    Usually this entry is left alone


The following table shows how to configure the requirements.

Separators between individual values are colons.

Requirement number Neutral identifier Path description Key name from ERP_NRGENERATOR
Number the requirements with consecutive numbers. (1, 2, 3, ...) 'PRJ' is a fixed value which is carried on consecutively.

Enter the catalog, directory and project path here.

'/norm' means that these requirements are used for all parts of the standard catalog.

'*' means that these requirements are used for all other parts, for example for all manufacturer catalogs, as well.

Pay attention that the key name references to ERP_NRGENERATOR.

Requirements depending on roles

You can also define requirements based on user-role dependencies.

The syntax is:


Via the context menu, launch Insert block. Insert the necessary key. Detailed information can be found under Kontextmenüs.