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4.17.1.  Enable automatic login / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Login] -> Key "AUTOLOGIN"


All users are automatically logged in.

With Enable automatic login a manual login to LinkDB is no more necessary. The users won't get a login window Database login! If a user has only his own role, there won't be a Choose role... dialog either.

(Compare: Try windows user authentication: Each user has to be applied in the database as authorized for accessing the "PLINKDB" database. This means a higher administrative effort.)

  1. Apply users in the "User" category with their Windows-Login.

  2. Assign the appropriate role (one or more).

  3. In PARTadmin, open category User. In the Automatic login field, enter user name and password of an existing user.

  4. Set checkmark at Login at start of program in the PARTlinkManager.

    PARTlinkManager -> Extras -> Configure ERP environment -> "PARTdataManager preferences" tabbed page

  5. Assign a role to the wildcard (*) as well! If no appropriate login can be found, then automatically this role will be assigned. Thus you don't have to declare a big group of single users.

For more details have a look on Section, “Set up ERP on PARTapplicationServer ”.