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Manual Preparations in order to put the functionality into practice

  • PARTdataManager --> Part selection:

    Upload the single parts "hinge wings" and "hinge bolts" by clicking on the corresponding line in the Assembly window.

    Part selection - Hinge wing / Hinge bolt

    Part selection - Hinge wing / Hinge bolt

  • PARTdataManager - Add dataset to link database:

    Assign ERP/PDM numbers for one or all rows (database symbol with a blue plus sign).

  • PARTlinkManager - Set fields / Duplicate

    Open the corresponding datasets in the PARTlinkManager and set Active status and Requested status via Set fields accordingly.

    Duplicate the datasets so that for every geometry there are two datasets with different materials available.

    Alternatively the variant can be set directly in thePARTdataManager via the ERP toolbar (database symbol with a red plus sign).

    PARTlinkManager - 2 materials per row

    PARTlinkManager - 2 materials per row

    Exact information to Set fields and Duplicate can be found in the PARTsolutions manual for administrators under PARTlinkManager in the "Context Menus" section.