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Manual "Named User" tabbed page

"Named User" licenses represent "centrally managable" nodelocked licenses. They are bound to the FLM server, just like normal "floating" licenses. Other than floating licenses, they are not released after a module terminates. Each instance of a named user license is bound to a user account permanently. The assignment is done automatically when a client requests a license for the specific product. Existing assignments can be changed here, after a minimum hold time has passed.

The minimum hold time is 24 hours at the first change, 30 days at the second.

On the tabbed page Named User, in the column Product, all products are listed.[27] The columns Assigned count, remaining free, Total and Latest change contain additional information for each license product.

"Named User" tabbed page

"Named User" tabbed page

For each license product there are two possible base settings:

  1. Assign automatically? = Yes

    The checkbox in the column Assign automatically? is activated. This is the default setting.

    Once a client requests the license in the selection dialog box of the module, it is dynamically assigned to it from the pool of available licenses.

    All users which ever accessed the FLM server are listed under Known users. All users to whom a license has been assigned are displayed under Assigned users.

    In the column Assignment type "automatic" is displayed.

  2. Assign automatically? = No

    The checkbox in the column Assign automatically? is deactivated.

    In this case the desired user has to be manually assigned for a certain license product by administration.

    All users which ever accessed the FLM server are listed under Known users. If the desired user is not listed yet, add him via input field and click on the Add button.

    1. Select a license product.

    2. In the dialog area Known users select the desired user.

      Should the list be very long then you can filter by any text string of the user name.

    3. In the dialog area Assigned users, insert the user by clicking on Add or Replace. Then in the column Assignment type "manual" is displayed.

      [Note] Note

      Replace is only possible when the lock wait has ended.

    4. Once everything is set up correctly, click on Save.



      [Note] Note

      If you have performed changes by mistake, leave the dialog without saving; as, even if you restore the initial situation and save, a new lock wait is inserted.

      Via Remove you can remove a user from the dialog area Assigned users again, which has been added by clicking on Add; however only as long as you did not save yet.

Independent of the settings under Assign automatically? another user can be assigned after expiry of the minimal dwell time/wait lock via Replace.

[27] Named User licenses have the token 'D' at the end of the product code.