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Privacy Statement

Use Of Customer Data

The database provider records the usage and download data and saves these respectively during the legally admissible time. Upon request, the customer has the right to be informed concerning his saved data free of charge. The customer is hereto informed that the database provider saves and mechanically records the customer’s address and other specific details in machine-readable form and according to the guidelines of the Federal Data Protection Act. The database provider guarantees the confidential treatment of this data. The customer must allow himself to be registered in the attached form in order to validate this contract. The database provider is expressly authorized to pass on the third-party usage data of the customer to the respective manufacturer/supplier as well as the transmission of usage data to third parties for purposes of advertisement, marketing research and surveys. With this consent form, the customer accepts the usage right of the database provider concerning the data of the customer. The customer is thus informed of his right to cancel at any time in the future. The cancellation is to be explained to the database provider.

Privacy & Tracking