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4.25.6. Buttons




Reset Resets the search fields and last sorting.


Via the entry field in the header of the table you can restrict the number of datasets .

In the example the value of the price "0.10" is entered. --> According to the Query the table shows rows in which the field contents in the column "price" correspond to this default.

Add row

Add row: Only applies a number. By the following procedure this number will be linked to a dataset.

Click the Add row button.

Apply an ERP-number.

See also Section 4.13.1, “ Creation of ERP numbers”.

Double-click the line and thus call PARTdataManager.

Search the desired part.

Select a certain variant/dataset.

Click on the button Send selection to Link Manager . (This and the following button are only then visible if the PARTdataManager was opened from PARTlinkManager)

-> The dataset selected in the PARTdataManager is now connected with the assigned ERP_PDM_NUMBER.

If you don't want to create a link, then click the Cancel selection button in PARTdataManager.

The view will switch back to PARTlinkManager without any linkage.

Delete row

Delete row opens the Delete datasets window.

If only Delete project datasets is checked and a completely filled dataset is selected, then the ERP-number will remain and all other information will be deleted. Datasets, that only contain an ERP-number, cannot be deleted with this single option.

The Delete unassigned ERP numbers option is able to delete datasets, that only contain nothing else, but an ERP-number.

If both boxes are checked, deleting of datasets happens in any case.


Select a dataset and click the Edit button. --> The Edit row window appears. Click into the desired line and edit.

If the fields do not allow themselves to be edited, change the settings under Extras -> Configure ERP environment -Modify column display -> Editable.