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5.6.  System info/Support

Via the ? menu -> System info/Support (or F7 key) open the window PARTsolutions system information.

Here all information relevant to Support is shown.

Among others:

  • General information such as version with Build data for example

  • PARTsolutions variables (see tip below)

    • $CADENAS


    • $CADENAS_DATA/pool









    • $OSNAME

    • $TMP

  • Operating system

  • Browser

  • Environment variables

  • Installed CAD systems

  • Driver and database information

  • License information

  • Network information

  • OpenGL information

Via the context menu the information can be saved or printed in a text file.

Enter your name, company name, the support e-mail address of your supplier and a brief error description.

[Tip] Tip

The variables are linked to the corresponding directories. Simply click on it to get there. (You have to have the administrative rights for the respective directory.)